You may be struggling with patterns that are repeating throughout relationships in your life and need to understand what is going on.  Or perhaps you are struggling to deal with something that happened during your childhood or younger life.  It may be coming to terms with what is happening in the lives of those around you or attempting to understand why certain feelings or behaviours persist in your life.  Perhaps you have often struggled with feelings of depression or have felt unable to fulfil hopes and dreams in your life.

You may find anger or negative thoughts about yourself hold you back and affect the way you are able to live.

Understanding patterns and survival adaptations can greatly enhance our knowledge about ourselves and our potential for change.  

I have trained extensively in Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy which is a theory of personality and communication and we can work together to look at the roots of these in your life and what you can do to improve things for you now.

Please contact me for a confidential chat to discuss your needs and how working with me can help.

Tara Kinnon


Phone: 07540854768