Perhaps you are dealing with bereavement, loss or change in your life, such as divorce, separation, moving house or job.  Or perhaps a stressful situation involving work or personal relationships is having an impact on you.

Sometimes it may be a general feeling of dissatisfaction or discomfort that leads you to seek counselling.  We will talk this through in a fully confidential environment in which you can speak freely without judgment.  This may only take a few sessions but the number is entirely led by you, what you need and can achieve.

I have trained in Integrative Counselling which means I have studied Psychoanalysis, Person-Centred Counselling and CBT.  I utilise whichever theory is relevant to what we are working with.  However, most of the time this will not be visible to you as my client as theory is part of what informs the way I work and not, for the most part, what people wish to hear about.  Understandably what you want to know is what is affecting you and what you can do about it.  We will work together and talk about this.    

Please contact me for a confidential chat to discuss your needs and how working with me can help.

Tara Kinnon


Phone: 07540854768